Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Lofts Hotel

The boutique hotel in Columbus, Ohio's new Arena area began life in 1882 as the Carr Building and housed several different business until it became a hotel in 1998. The hotel is said to be haunted by the Lady of the Lofts, she wears Victorian clothing and is said to have been an employee in one of the businesses. Several people have glimpsed her from the corner of their eye in the stairwell and occasionally in the halls. A hotel security guard heard a woman's horrific screaming on the second floor in the middle of the afternoon. For twenty minutes he frantically searched the area and never found an explanation for the screaming. She is always seen between the first and second floors.
I did not go into the hotel but I did take some pictures outside and I can tell you that I took alot of pictures in Columbus that day and night and not one of them had any orbs around them. When I took a picture of the second floor windows of The Loft I had orbs in the picture. So who knows maybe they are of the Lady of the Lofts showing up in my picture.
If you are in Columbus and planning on spending the night check out The Lofts Hotel who knows you just might see the Lady of the Lofts. Hug's :)


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