Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kelton House

We visited the Kelton House in Columbus, Ohio. There are so many ghost stories associated with this house that the staff there has made a collection of stories that span the last thirty years or more. The house was built by Fernando and Sophia Kelton in the 1850's. It is a two story brick home that sits on a shaded street in a historic section of Columbus. The house has a rich history, including its days as a stop on the Underground Railroad. That history might explain at least one apparition in the house. A volunteer was taken a nap during a slow time at the house. She awoke suddenly to see a black man leaning over her. A second later, he disappeared.
In the dining room there is an antique sideboard against the wall. Silver serving pieces are arranged upon it. Above the sideboard hangs an oval painting of Sophia Kelton. The volunteer said she made the mistake of standing in front of the sideboard. One of the doors flew open with force and hit her from behind. She closed it and it burst open again. It did it three times before it stopped. They were securely closed and was not easy for them to simple open on their own. She thinks it was Sophia telling her, she was blocking the view of her portrait. In the house there is also a huge music box. Sometimes people will hear music through the house and there is no way anyone could start the music box on their own. There is also a ghost of a little girl that haunts the house. There has also been sighting of several Civil War soldiers. They have been seen sitting in a small sitting room in the front of the house. People have also reported seeing a young man wearing a Union army uniform sitting in the room, smoking. It is the ghost of Oscar Kelton, a son of Fernando and Sophia, who served in the Union army and was killed at the battle of Bryce's Crossroads in 1864. Both Fernando and Sophia died in the house in their bedroom. So you can see why some of the staff have said they have Sophia Kelton on the staircase looking down at them.
Upstairs, there is a small landing on the third floor where there is nothing but a door that leads to the attic. It is believed that Arthur Kelton, the black sheep of the family, suffered from dementia and was kept in the attic, which is now where the volunteers change into their costumes ( they wear period clothes from the nineteenth century to do guided tours ). People feel uncomfortable up there and that sometimes, when the door is opened, a whoosh of cold air sweeps past them.
There has been several psychics, mediums, and ghost hunting groups who have visited the Kelton House over the years, and many of them have had a paranormal experiences.
The Kelton House is a beautiful house so I can see why The Kelton's would not want to leave it even in death. If you are in Columbus you should check out the house. You can do a tour of it. Who knows you just might see one of the Kelton's....Hug's :)

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