Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

While we were Downtown I wanted to check out the Netherland Plaza Hotel. The reason I wanted to check it out is because as most of you may or may not know it is haunted. The Netherland is haunted by "The Lady in Green". She is still searching for her husband after all these years. The hotel was built in 1931, the whole thing took only one year to complete. Thousand of laborers worked around the clock everyday to get the job done. There was some accidents. In one of them, a painter working in the Palm Court, which was originally the main lobby, fell to his death. It is said that once the hotel was finished and open for business, the man's widow checked in and threw herself out a window.
People seem to see "The Lady in Green" in the grand ballroom, The Hall of Mirrors. To get to The Hall of Mirrors you go up to the third floor lobby, then walk up the curving staircase to the ballroom's balcony. Inside is amazing. The balustrade surrounding the balcony is made of German silver an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickle and was fashioned into floral garlands and depictions of Pan. Egyptian style chandeliers hung from the ceiling, surrounding a central mural painted inside a mock dome. At the opposite end of the ballroom, is a majestic staircase, backed by an enormous mirror. The mirrors are backed with 18k gold and are insured with Lloyds of London.
I was not lucky enough to see The Lady in Green, but I wanted to get a picture of me on the staircase to see if maybe I could see something once I downloaded them. I always do that because you never know what you might see when you take a closer look at a picture. Doug took 3 pictures and none of them turned out to clear, but when he took one with the same camera of just the stairs that picture turned out fine. Maybe it was something or someone that did not like me just standing on the steps???? If you are in Downtown Cincinnati be sure to check out the Hilton Cincinnati, Netherland Plaza. The people that work at the Netherland Plaza acknowledge their ghost and consider it a party of the hotel's history. They say "she doesn't do any harm and we are proud of her". They are glad she is there. So since they acknowledge their ghost you will not have any trouble if you tell them that is why you are there. I hope you get to see her if you go and I hope to also see her one day.

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