Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cleopatra Exhibit

We went to see the Cleopatra Exhibit when it was at the museum center. I love Cleopatra and this was an AMAZING exhibit. The name Cleopatra is often synonymous with Elizabeth Taylor, who famously wore bold blue eye shadow, dramatic black eyeliner and gold jewelry in her jet black hair to portray the Queen of Egypt in the 1963 movie. In reality, no one knows for sure exactly what Cleopatra looked like, how she took her own life or where she's buried. But archaeologists are coming closer to solving the mysteries that surround her. When the exhibit came to the museum center in Cincinnati, Ohio they used a 150 artifacts and multimedia displays to tell the story of the legendary ruler and the ongoing search for more clues about her life and her death. The artifacts ranged from small gold coins believed to bear Cleopatra's image to two 16 foot red granite statues pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea in 2000 from the submerged ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion. Because the Romans who conquered Egypt tried to erase all trace of Cleopatra's existence after she took her own life in 30 B.C., archaeologists have found few artifacts showing her likeness. Along with the artifacts there was an audio tour narrated by an actress speaking in the first person as Cleopatra, videos showing the ongoing excavations and features allowing visitors to find out more about selected artifacts through social media.
If this comes close to you, you really should check it out. And if you are like me and LOVE Cleopatra then be sure you check it out. I learned so much about her. I mean any woman who can rule all of those men is my kind of woman..that is some major girl power..lol.. I will not be posted alot of pictures from this visited. You were not allowed to take pictures because the artifacts they had on display was so old they did not want the flash going off and also the exhibit was long and if you stopped to take pictures of everything it would take you hours to get through it. But I did sneak and took a couple with my phone..shhhh..lol..

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