Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas at The Westin and Fountain Square Downtown Cincinnati

On December 26, 2011, we went to Downtown Cincinnati to check out the Christmas decorations that The Westin Hotel and Fountain Square had. The tree in The Westin Hotel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The way the whole Westin is decorated is so pretty. As anyone who knows me, knows I am a BIG fan of The Christmas Carol. Upstairs at The Westin they had all these cut out people from The Christmas Carol.
As we made our way over to Fountain Square, we saw the BIG Macy's Christmas Tree with a BIG red Macy's bow on the top. On the square they have ice skating. I would like to try that but since I can not stand up on dry ground sometimes I did not think it was wise to try it on ice..lol.. Plus with doing chemo my bones are not as strong as they use to be and I do not need anything broke. If you are like me and ice skating is not your thing you can take a carriage ride.
As we walked around and looked at some of the stores the decoration's were so pretty. My favorite store Tiffany & CO had some amazing decorations in there window and so did Macy's.
Also if you go into the Hilton there is two beautiful tree's there.  And they also have a Gingerbread display set up that you will not believe.
If you are as BIG on Christmas as I am then next year you really should check out Downtown Cincinnati. There is something for everyone.
Enjoy the pictures and I hope each one of you had a very wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you had an AMAZING Holiday and you got to spend it with the people you love. Hug's :)

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