Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ascent

I love this building in Covington, Kentucky. Since I am a big fan of art this is very interesting. The Ascent at the Roebling Bridge is more then a luxury condominium building. It is truly a work of art, its swooping roofline and wedge shaped structure making a dramatic statement against Covington's riverside skyline. Completed in 2008, it was designed by Daniel Libeskind, the award winning architect who was named as master plan architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Building in New York. Twenty two stories high, the concrete structure is 293 feet tall and houses 70 condominiums. It slopes outward from its base on the eastern face and has a glass curtain wall. In 2008 it won the CNBC property award for best high rise in the Americas. It is located at 1 Roebling Way. Covington, Kentucky.  Check out their website there you can see these beautiful condominium. The website is http://www.yourascent.com/

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