Friday, December 23, 2011

Eden Park

If you live in or near the Cincinnati area then you have either been to or have heard of Eden Park. I have been to Eden Park many times. It is one of my favorite parks. The view from there is amazing and there is alot of thing's to do there.  But what most people may not know about the park is that it is haunted. Well the gazebo that is in the park is haunted by George Remus wife. George Remus was the most prolific bootlegger in Cincinnati during prohibition in the 1920's, and he made alot of money doing it. Eventually, he did go to prison for his illegal activities, serving time in a federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia. While in prison, he befriended a fellow inmate named Frank Dodge and told him all about his operations and his money and how he trusted his wife, Imogene, enough to give her complete power of attorney over his assets. What George did not know was that Frank Dodge was actually an undercover FBI agent who was investigating the warden of the prison, so when Frank learned about Remus's operation, he left the prison, quit the FBI, and went to Cincinnati. While in Cincinnati, he seduced Imogene, and they fell in love and began taking all of George's assets. At one point, they tried to pay a hit man to kill George, but their plot failed. When George was released from prison, he was furious and immediately filed for divorce. Imogene was more then happy to oblige his request. The divorce got messy and had to go to court, so to mark the occasion, Imogene wore a black dress to the courthouse. George saw Imogene's taxi and ran her off the road at the gazebo in Eden Park. They both jumped out of their vehicles and started arguing. At the height of the argument, George took out a pistol and shot Imogene dead just outside the gazebo. George was arrested and tried for murder of his wife, but he was able to get off by pleading temporary insanity. He was the first person to ever us the insanity plea. He did not spend a single day in prison for the murder. Only one ghost haunts the gazebo at Eden Park. It is the ghost of a woman in a black dress, probably the ghost of Imogene Remus. People have seen this woman in black standing inside the gazebo. Often she is seen gazing across the reflecting pool. Onlookers always sense that something is wrong with her. When they approach, she vanishes. The ghost will usually appear at dusk or late at night. I have been to the park alot of times and have never seen anything, but then again I have not been there at night. When I have been there and have went inside the gazebo, I always have the feeling that I am not alone when in there.
During the day, this location is easy to visit. There is a parking lot just across the street from the gazebo, and the area is always open during the daylight hours. Unfortunately, the area closes at dark, which is when the ghost will sometimes appear. But, the area is not closed to vehicular traffic, so you could drive by the gazebo late at night in an attempt to see the ghost.
To get to the park you take I-71 north from downtown. The first exit after the tunnel is Eden Park Drive, and it's on the left side of the highway. Take that exit and then turn right at the end of the ramp. This will take you into Eden Park. At the first fork in the road inside the park, go left. The haunted gazebo will be on your right next to the reflecting pool. You'll find parking across the street from the gazebo.
The address is 1198 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio.
If you go keep an eye out at the gazebo you never know who you might see :)

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