Friday, November 11, 2011

Cincinnati Zoo

What can I say, I am an animal lover and I love the Cincinnati Zoo. Last October we had Doug's Birthday there and it was a blast. Cincinnati has an amazing zoo. They now have a 4D special FX theater, which was awesome. When we were there they were showing The Wizard Of Oz. The special effects were great. When the wind blew in the movie it blew on you, you could smell the flowers, you were just part of the whole movie. I would suggest you check it out when you are there. The have the train ride that you can take and of course we had to ride it. And being the mature person that I am, I just had to ride the merry go round..lol...I am obsessed with them..they are so pretty. The zoo has so much to offer including my favorite animal the komodo dragon. One thing that you may not know about the zoo is that it is haunted. The zoo contains the Western Hemisphere's oldest standing zoo building, the reptile house. From the time the zoo was built in 1875 until today, many animals have lived and died there. The zoo also was home to the world's last passenger pigeon and the world's last Carolina Parakeet. After these animals died at the zoo, they were considered extinct. The ghost of a loin is what haunts the zoo. Witnesses claim to have been walking alone down a remote path and heard what sounded like the footsteps of a large lion behind them. Sometimes these witnesses have become so terrified that they broke into a run, hearing  the sounds of the lion's footsteps keeping up with them. When they turn around they only find that nothing is following them. Other time witnesses will see the glowing eyes of a lion looking out at them from the brush down a dark out of the way path.
The zoo is open to the public and they do charge an admission fee. They offer lots of different events throughout the year for Halloween and Christmas. The festival of lights they have at Christmas time is beautiful. There web page is cincinnatizoo.org
You can find the hours they are opened, price, events and everything else you need to go.
Since like I said I am an animal lover and I love to take pictures I will post some pictures in another blog.
If you go to the zoo I know you will have a blast and who knows you might just see the ghost lion if you are lucky.....Hug's

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