Sunday, November 27, 2011

Behringer-Crawford Museum

The Behringer-Crawford Museum is located in the Devou Park in Covington, Ky. The museum celebrates the heritage of Northern Kentucky. The museum was expanded in 2007. I have been going to this museum since I was a kid with my parents, grandparents and on school field trips. So I was excited to take Doug there and share it with him. Upon entering, you cant miss the Kentucky streetcar, the last streetcar to run in Northern Kentucky. You can not go aboard the streetcar, but there are several passengers aboard and you can push buttons to hear their stories. There is four levels and each level has one or more themes. The first floor focuses on rails. There is a model train display with nearly a dozen buttons that activate the train, trolleys, lights, and sounds. There is a tunnel that goes underneath the display with a bubble window on the inside of the model so you can view it from inside. The second floor theme is roads. You can sit in a 1959 Buick Electra convertible and watch a film at the drive in about how life was in the 1950s. The third floor is the largest floor and contains exhibits on industry, tourism, rivers, and immigrants. The famous two-headed calf and shrunken head is there. There is the Suspension Bridge and interactive packet boat exhibit that has a dress-up area and you know being the adult that I am I could not pass up that. I had to dress up..lol..
The fourth floor includes the upper deck of the packet boat, a BIG stuffed bear, and a display on airport runways.
This is a really neat museum to check out. I know you will find alot to do. Plus the view from Devou Park is beautiful.
The museum is located at 1600 Montaque Rd. Covington, Ky.
Their website is http://www.bcmuseum.org/

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