Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visit to Carew Tower Observation Deck

We visited Carew Tower Observation Deck and the view from the top of the building was breath taken. This is not a place to visit if you are scared of heights. Carew Tower rises 49 stories and 574 feet over downtown Cincinnati near the Ohio River. To visit the deck, you ride the elevator to the 45th floor. Next, you will ride a tiny elevator to the 48th floor, then climb a steel stairway to the deck. When it is a nice clear day out you can see for miles into Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. There is a wall around the deck that is approximately 42" tall. It can be windy and cool up on the deck. Carew Tower is a place that you must see if you are in Cincinnati. The building itself is a National Historic Landmark, and like I said the view is breath taken.

Construction began on Carew Tower in September 1929, one month before the stock market crashed. The work continued, but only the first three floors were built with the amazing details. After this, plain brick was used on the remaining floors. After you finished looking at the amazing view be sure to do some downtown shopping you will find some great places. Or grab a bite to eat in the Tower Place food court, located on the basement level.

I will post some pictures in the following blog so you can see the view.

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