Thursday, October 20, 2011


Where I live at they recently had an agriculture Co-Op. If you do not know what a Co-Op is, it is where farms get together and bring some of their animals and you can learn about them and also the way of life of a farmer. You can learn about the way wheat is used to make different things and see how pizza is made using all the things that farmers grow. My dad, Doug and myself went to this one. I know in the city they do not have these but if you can ever get the chance to go to one you should and if you have children they would love it. They have hayrides which we went on..lol..and they even had a fake cow named Kentucky Kate that you could try and milk..Now being from the country I can milk a cow so I showed Kate who was boss..lol..
They had the real Kentucky Kate there also. I will post some pictures in a separate blog so you can check them out.

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