Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cincinnati History Museum

I love to go to the Museum of History in Cincinnati. There is different museums and also an Omnimax. When you enter the museum, you will find a model of Cincinnati with each neighborhood set in a different decade. The models includes moving vehicles and working trains. Next you pass through the Cincinnati Goes To War exhibit, where you can climb aboard a streetcar and listen to a commentary. You can push the buttons on other displays to hear stories about people's lives during that time. Continuing through the museum, you will find exhibits on Cincinnati's settlers, including Native Americans, immigrants, and pioneers. On the lower level you will step aboard a recreated steamboat and learn what makes the paddle wheel turn. Visit the working print shop and see how documents were printed before computers were invented. Peek in the windows of various shops and interact with costumed interpreters. There is also a recreated 1910 machine shop.

I have been to the museum a number of times for different things and shows that they have and every time I have had a great time. You should check out their web page that I will list below to see all of the different things they offer. The pictures that I am going to add in the following blog are from two different visits to the museum. Hope you enjoy them and be sure to check out the museum if you are in Cincinnati.

The museum is located at 1301 Western Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Web page is..... www.cincymuseum.org

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