Sunday, September 18, 2011

McDonalds in Mansfield, Ohio

When we went to Mansfield, Ohio to take a tour of the haunted prison we stopped at a McDonald's for lunch. I know you are thinking what is so special about McDonald's that you have to put it on a blog. Well at this McDonald's the food was pretty much the same as at any other. But what made this McDonald's different and made it where I wanted to put it on my blog was what was around the grounds. They had a lake that had alot of ducks and geese and in the middle of the lake they had a little house that was built to look just like McDonald's. Also they had the whole happy meal people outside that where almost life size. I am posting some pictures so you can see what I am talking about, but I thought this was the neatest McDonald's I have seen. If you go to take a tour of the prison or if you are just in Mansfield be sure to check this McDonald out. I think you will find it as cute as I did.

Ollie's Trolley

We stoped at Ollie's Trolley one day for lunch and if you are ever in Cincinnati you should go there. It is a vintage trolley car parked on a city street corner that has great food.They are a family owned business specializing in comfort food. They have world famous Ollie burgers and rib tips. Other items are open pit BBQ ribs, beef-pork-chicken, fish, steak, and smoked turkey. They also have side item such as mac 'n cheese, greens, baked beans, and Cajun rice with vegetables.

I had the BBQ rib tips when we went and they were the best ribs I have had. You can only get carry out at Ollie's but he does have places to sit outside. He is located at 1607 Central Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. 45214. The phone number is 513-381-6100.

Just look for the yellow and red streetcar. They also won the Best of Roadside Dining Award on the Food Network.

Franklin Murals

If you are ever in Franklin, Ohio you should check out the murals that are there. They are truly amazing to see. Painted by award winning muralist and Franklin resident, Eric Henn, the Franklin murals have won three different international sign and graphic arts competitions. Walking through Franklin downtown district turns into a fascinating look back into the city's history. The murals depict everything from a 19th century park scene to the city's once proud Great Miami Suspension Bridge. For information on the murals, contact the Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce at ( 937 ) 746-8457

If you go and see these murals you will not be disappointed. They look so real.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Idle Hour Rance Visit

On the last day of our vacation we visited Idle Hour Ranch. This place is amazing. There was so many cute animals that you could get up close with and pet. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a BIG animal lover so this place was heaven for me. While we were there I took my first camel ride. Yes you read that right I rode a camel. We had a blast playing with and learning about all the animals. If you are like me and you love animals then you really should visit this ranch. They have had all of their animals since they were babies so they are all like their pets. They are home to alot of different kinds of animals and also Sam the giraffe who I love. When we were there it was Sam's 10th Birthday. He is so sweet and it was a blast to feed him. They have goats, wolfs and a cougar just to name a few. It was truly the highlight of my vacation going there. Everyone that works there is so sweet. If you visit be sure to buy the basket of food and seeds that you can feed the animals with they will be your best friend while you are there. They are located off I-75 Exit # 73 just 3 miles west of Troy, Ohio.

There web page is idle-hourranch.com Check it out they have some really cute videos of some of the animals they have and also some pictures and all the info you need about the ranch

I posted alot of pictures from our visit in a seperate blog so be sure to check them out.

Photos from Idle Hour Ranch and Camel Ride