Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boone County Oldest Church

Bullittsburg Baptist Church. This is the oldest church in Boone County. This church was founded in 1794 when the area was still a wilderness. Members recently observed the church's 217th anniversary. The first church building was made of log and constructed in 1797. The current building was built in 1819 and has been expanded over the years. Why I have put this on my blog is for the fact that on the church grounds in addition to the sanctuary there is a cemetery, a burial vault that was built in 1878, and an outdoor baptismal pool built in 1873, which is used frequently in the summer. Once one of the only churches in the wilderness "preaching stations" were set up around the area with ministers who were part of the church. This church has been through every U.S. presidential administration. We went to visit this church and I did not get to see the baptismal pool but I did see and go in the burial vault. It was a neat experience to see something that has with stood all of these years. You get a creepy feeling when you enter the vault because you know this is where the use to put the people before they buried them. It is not a big building as you will see from the pictures that I took of the outside and the inside of the vault. If you would like to go and see the oldest church in Boone County it is at 2616 Bullittsburg Church Road. Petersburg, Ky. It sits close to Interstate 275

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