Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorg Opera House

Yesterday 06/05/2011 we went to the Sorg Opera House and Mansion. They are in two diffrent places, but just down the street from each other. After reading about them in the Cincinnati Haunted Handbook I knew, I had to check them out. The first one we went to was The Opera House. The history of this haunted place is: This building was built in 1891. It is one of the oldest stage theaters in the country that is still in operation. It was built by Paul J. Sorg, who was a very wealthy man who made his money in the tabacco industry. He built the theater for his wife. When it was built, it was one of the largest theaters in the country, featuring a floor section and two balconies. From 1915 until the 1980's the Sorg featured movies, but when the mutiplex theaters took the market from single-screen theaters, the Sorg went back to offering stage productions. The upper balcony fell into disrepair and was eventually blocked off from the rest of the theater by a false ceiling.

Ghost Story:

It is considered good luck for a theater to be haunted, and many theaters throughout the Cincinnati area are indeed reputed to host paranormal activity. The Sorg Opera House is one of them. In fact, it may be one of the most famous haunted theaters in the entire state. The most commonly reported sound here is the sound of footsteps. People will often hear footsteps echoing throughout the theater even when the place is empty. Other people say they feel like they are being watched or they will feel a hand touch them, only to turn around and find no one there. There has been at least four apparitions sighted inside the building. The most commonly reported one is that of Paul J. Sorg himself. He is often seen walking through the theater. People know that is Paul Sorg because the apparition closely resembles his portrait that hangs in the lobby. There is also a woman who is seen near the stage area. She is sometimes singing. People will hear singing coming from backstage when the treater is empty. Other times she is sitting sadly in the area backstage. When she is seen, she is either wearing a blue or a red dress. She vanishes when approached. There is two other ghost that are not seen as often but do appear. One is a bartender who is sometimes seen behind the bar. The other is an African-American man who is seen in the upper balcony area of the theater.


The theater opens only for events and keeps no regular hours, The owners, however, are interested in the ghosts and are open to inquiries regarding them. They sometimes hold haunted houses in the theater during the Halloween season. One way to enter the haunted theater is to simply attend one of the shows.


Take I-75 north to exit 19, the Union Center Boulevard exit. Turn left on Union Center Boulevard and follow the road for about three miles before turing right onto OH-747/Princeton Glendale Road. Follow this road for six miles before turing right onto Wright Brothers Memorial Highway/Hamilton Middletown Road/OH-4-North. Follow this road for another seven miles and then turn left on Second Avenue. Turn right onto Main Street. The Sorg Opera House will be on your right.........57 South Main Street. Middletown, Ohio.45044

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