Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sorg Mansion

Our next stop yesterday 06/05/2011 was just down the street from The Sorg Opera House. We went to The Sorg Mansion. This use to be a very beautiful house now they have turned it into apartments and it has not had the upkeep it needs.


The mansion was built in 1887 by Paul J. Sorg, a multimillionaire who had made his fortune in the tabacco market. Built in the Romanesque style, the thirty -five room house cost $1 million to erect.


Some that have stayed there say every night you can see and hear the old residents still walking throughout the tunnel and about the mansion. An actress that use to work there supposedly disappeared one night never to be seen again but she left her red dress. Some janitors have reported hearing a woman singing back where the dressing rooms are and when they go back there,there is a lady wearing a red dress and putting on makeup but when she see's them she looks frightened and disappears.


This is private property and they have a few signs up to let you know that and that also say "NO TRESPASSING"

This is after all an apartment building and I am sure the people that live there might be a little freaked out if they saw some one looking for ghosts in their buiding. But if you really want to see the inside the best way to do it is to go and look at an apartment that is for rent. Just dont let the landlord know that you are there to look for ghost.


You go by the same directions as The Sorg Opera House they are just down the street from each other. The address for the Mansion is 56 S. Main Street. Middletown,Ohio

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