Sunday, June 26, 2011

David Roger's Big Bugs

On Tuesday June 21,2011 we went to Glenwood Gardens Park to see David Roger's Big Bugs. These were AMAZING to see. These bug's were made out of natural materials and wood. This was one encounter with bugs that I will never forget! Imagine ants the size of buses marching down a hill, a dragonfly with the wingspan of a two-car garage hovering over a pond and a praying mantis as tall as a house standing above you. Sounds unreal, right? You will have to see them for yourself. But you have to hurry because they will go away on August 21,2011. Also the park is beautiful they have spent alot of time taken care of it. I am posting some Pics and videos but trust me they do not do the bugs justice. You can find direction and buy tickets on their webpage.... greatparks.org/bigbugs

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did

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