Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Blog

This is our new blog page. This will be a page about the places we have visited and what we thought about them. Some are suppose to be haunted, some are strange, some are pretty but all were a blast to see. So if you are looking for some fun and some strange places to visit follow our blog. Everytime we visit some place we will update the blog with info and pics..The profile pic was taken outside of the Mansfield Prison. It was one of the top scariest places on earth and also was on the places to see before you die. It was an AMAZING place to visit. There was so much history about the place. And yes it was creepie. I would go back. So if you are looking for a very neat place to visit I would check it out. There webpage in case you would like to check it out is http://www.mrps.org/

Doug and I had a blast there and will be going back.

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