Monday, January 17, 2011

Mushroom House

If you are like me and you like to see things that are kinda strange and weird but that is cool as can be then you will LOVE the Mushroom House in Hyde Park. It is in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have to say I dont think you will see another house like it. This house was designed by architect Terry Brown, a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at The University Of Cincinnati. The students helped with creating the house. In 2008 Mr. Brown passed away but what an AMAZING job he did on this house. The details that he put into this house is so neat. In the side of the house by the street that looks the most like a Mushroom there is these little holes and he has little snails coming out of them as you will be able to see in the pics and video. The Mushroom house is not the only thing in Hyde park. They have some Awesome stores and you people who know me know I can shop..LOL..They also have a pet boutique called Hyde Bark and my little guy Happy loves that store. As you walk down the street of Hyde Park you will see painted pigs and flower pots. They are so cute. So if you are looking for a cute place to have lunch and spend the day shopping I would recommend Hyde Park and while you are there make sure you check out the Mushroom House you will be AMAZED