Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frankfort Cemetery

This is the 100 acre cemetery we went to in Frankfort, Kentucky. This is a very historical site that once you visit you will never forget. This cemetery offers several views of the Kentucky river and with the appearance of a beautiful arboretum with its curvy roadways, terraces and numerous vaults, it strikes a sophisticated pose. The central feature to the grounds is the State Mound that highlights a military memorial. There is 17 former Kentucky governors buried here, as are severial U.S. senators, politicians, artists, judges and soldiers. A Confederate Monument also accupies space here. The cemetery was created by Judge Mason Brown, after an inspirational visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston. But the most famous names that are buried here in this cemetery belongs to no other then Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca. From their graves you have a breath taken view of the State Capital. The whole cemetery is beautiful and is full of so much history. So if you ever find yourself in Frankfort, Kentucky be sure to see Daniel and Rebecca Boone grave. The cemetery is located at 215 East Main Street. You will see a sign that will lead you to the grave site..I am adding some pictures of not only Daniel's grave but from the cemetery so you can see how beautiful it is..

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