Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exploring Haunted places 01-30-11...Grace E. Hunt School

After our visit to the Ruppert House we paid a visit to The Grace E. Hunt School House. This is perhaps the most haunted building in Mount Healthy. It is on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Compton Street. The school that is there now is the second school to be built there. The first school was only a single floor with four rooms and it was built in the 1860's. Eventually more rooms were added and it became an eight-room high school in 1893. The haunted school that stands there today, the Grace E. Hunt building, was not built until 1910. It was named after one of the most famous and experienced schoolteachers from the area. Grace E. Hunt taught in Mount Healthy area schools for most of her life. She taught for 40 years and was also married to one of the leaders of the Mount Healthy educational system, Charles A. Hunt.

There is many strange things that seem to happen quite often at this building. Often people have reported feeling uncomfortable when inside the school once the sun has gone down. The most common occurrence at the school is that the lights will flicker at night. Many times when the school closes for the night and the lights are off they will suddenly begin to flicker off and on. Sometimes the custodians in the building will witness this, and sometimes passing cars or pedestrians will notice that the lights in the windows are flasing off and on. Other strange things that happen at the school involve the chalkboards in many of the classrooms. Many times, people will leave for the night and then come back in the morning to see that there are strange messages and drawings all over the chalkboards. Usually the message cannot be interpreted on these chalkboards, it just looks like scribbling all over the board. Every once in a while though, there is a message that you can make out on the boards, despite the school being empty all night and no one having the opportunity to write on the board. Messages such as "help me" or "get out" have been reported to have mysteriously appeared on the chalkboards. The third floor of the school is where the lights flash off and on at. When we went to the school today we did not see anything that was out of the norm. We did not get a creepie feeling and Happy was able to make his 1st ghost hunt without flipping out. I would had loved to go inside the school to take a look around but unfortunately,it is next to impossible to gain access to the inside. It is currently a private school that doesn't like to speak about the reputed ghosts. The best way to visit this sight is like we did today or go at night and watch the building from the outside and see if there is any lights flashing on the 3rd floor. That is what we are going to do. We will go back one night and park and see if we see anything..If you would like to check it out for yourself, you take the 1-75 north to 1-275 west. Take the Hamilton Avenue/US-127 exit off 1-275. From the highway, head south toward Mt. Healthy. Take Hamilton Avenue to Compton Road and turn right. One block father, and you will see the school on the corner of Compton Road and Harrison Avenue...Enjoy and happy ghost hunting :)


  1. nice building, did u go back at night, and see anything creppy, like the lights flashing on and off

    1. We did go back but we did not see anything. I am thinking about going back another night