Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lady Tron's

We recently went to New Albany, Indiana to visit Lady Tron's and have lunch. I bet you will not find another restaurant like this one. 
This restaurant is space themed and if you have a lover of sci fi or ET they will LOVE this place. This is not a big place. When you walk in the door the seats are right in front of you. You sit on stools at the counter and there is about 11 or 12 stools. Oh and by the way even the stools are decorated as well as the ceiling which is galaxy themed. 
This is a neat place to visit but I was not a fan of the food that they offer. Now this has nothing to do with the food itself as more as it does with the fact I don't like the kind of food they serve. They have no hamburgers or fries, they serve food like a dish called Starbuck which is a polish sausage topped with a 5 bean soup and collared greens on a corn cake. They also have a fish sandwich which Doug ordered. It looked good but since I am allergic to all things seafood I could not have that. I had the grilled cheese sandwich and it was good but that is pretty much all you get is a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a pic of their menu and you can see on it that they do not have a wide selection to choose from.
The service was GREAT!!! The 2 people who were working the day we went were very sweet. I would recommend you check them out as this is a out of this world experience :)
I just am not a fan of the food they have.  The street that they are on has some really cool decorations. I will post some pics of it. 
They are located at 147 E Market Street. New Albany, Indiana.
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Doug's food

My grilled cheese

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Third Street Stuff & Coffee Visit

This past Sunday 02-18-18 we took a trip to Lexington, Ky. to visit the Third Street Stuff & Coffee house. 
This is an AMAZING coffee house!!! The outside of the building is so colorful and it has so many neat quotes and saying all over. I could not believe how beautifully the building was painted. When we went in to order or drinks and bagels, I was in aw of the inside as well. Everything is painted in bright colors from the chairs to the floor. 
We sat in the corner table in the back so we had a view of the street. We also sat there because Doug was doing a coffee shop photoshoot and he wanted to do it through the window. There is  some brightly painted benches outside that you sat at when the weather is warm. When you walk through the door there is a big comfy looking couch that you can lounge on also. This was one of the best coffee shops I have visited. It is so festive and fun.
The two young ladies that waited on us was so sweet and friendly. I had a hot chocolate and a cheese bagel with ham and chesses on it. Everything was so good. I also took my mom home a garlic bagel and she loved it so much that we are going to take the hour drive back down just so she can get some more of them. 
They serve locally roasted and fair trade certified organic coffee. All of their bagels and bread are from the local Bluegrass Baking Co. They also have sweets that are made by Martine's.
They are located next to the Transylvania University so there is a lot of college kids that comes in but there is also older people and moms with their kids. It is just a wide variety of different people and that is what makes it so unique.
I love supporting places like this and when the food, coffee, and service is this great it just makes it better and I don't mind taking the hour drive to get there :)
There webpage is  http://www.thirdststuff.com/
They are located at the corner of 3rd street and Limestone. 
If you are in Lexington, driving through there, or you just want to take a nice little road trip you should check this place out. I am sure you will love it as much as we did. 
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Friday, February 9, 2018

Baker Family Cemetery Ghost Hunt

In September 2017 we did a little investigation at the Baker Family cemetery that is located in Big Bone Park. This is a very small family cemetery that has a lot of history. As you might know we also did a investigation at the church a while back and caught what appeared to be a image of a man looking at us out of the window. At the cemetery we were using our ovilus and we picked up the words: GRAVE YARD (which I thought was pretty neat since we were at a grave yard), RAISED ( that was picked up twice), the name LIMA, FEAR ME (that was picked up 4 times), DAUGHTER, UNHOLY, the name NATHAN, FAMILY, the name VICTOR, the name ALEXANDER (Which is the middle name of Sally's husband), INVESTIGATE, KILLED, FIRE, BATTERIES (that was picked up 3 times). The thing I found the most fascinating was we had our EMF sitting up against our bag and there was no power lines or anything around where it was, and it was going crazy. It kept lighting up, I have never been on a investigation and had my meter go that crazy for that long. I was asking question and the meter was going off as to answer me and so was my ovilus. I asked what the persons name was that was lighting up the meter and it said its name was Sandy so every time I would ask if this was Sandy the meter would light up, then I asked where she was buried and she said 10, if you count the graves the 10th grave belongs to Sally, So I asked if this was really Sally and not Sandy and the meter went crazy. You can watch it in the video I am posting. It was so cool to get that kind of response and for so long. We also captured some strange looking images in the trees and around the tombstones. This is a place that you can tell you are not alone when you visit. 
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