Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hunted Blome Road Bridge

 This bridge is in the historic village of Indian Hill and was built in 1888. This bridge is only one lane wide so there has been plenty of accidents that have happened. One of the accidents involved a car speeding toward the bridge and swerve to avoid a oncoming car. The swerving car went into the wooded creek area beside the bridge and everyone in the car was killed. There is a few ghost stories that have been reported at the bridge. The most told story involves a hit and run accident, A pregnant woman was walking across the bridge when a car raced towards her from the opposite direction. It hit her and knocked her over the side of the bridge killing her. The driver got out of his car and saw that the woman was dead, he rushed back to his car. As he was trying to get into his car a penny somehow rolled out of the car and off the bridge towards the body of the woman. According to legend, if you turn your car off on the bridge, roll down the window, and throw a penny off the bridge within minutes the penny will come back and hit your car.
People have also claimed to hear voices coming from the nearby woods. They have also have claimed that while driving across the bridge their cars have been hit hard by an unseen object. When they check their cars they can not find anything or any damage done to their car.
When we were there we did not see or hear much at all, but you do get a very sad feeling when you sit on the side of the bridge looking down at the woods and water below. It is almost like you feel the sadness of the woman and her unborn baby that died there.
If you are going to visit this bridge and if you go at night there is not many cars that go across the bridge at night. There are stop signs on both side of the bridge. The bridge can be dangerous to cross because people will come across the bridge without stopping at the stop sign. Please do not park your car on the bridge and turn your lights off, that is very very dangerous and very dumb. You don't know when a car can come across the bridge and not see you. When we went we parked in a gravel area off the side of the road and walked the few inches to the bridge.

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We went to NKU university to see the Stegowagen-Volkssaurus. This is such a neat design. The lady who designed it is Patricia A. Renick. She was a art teacher at the University of Cincinnati. She took a year unpaid leave of absent from her job and started creating the Stegowagenvolkssaurus. She said she put a tent outside her garage so that she'd have room to build the 20 foot long creature. She used her kitchen oven to bake modeling clay, using thousands pounds of it. A local dealer donated a real 1964 junkyard Beetle. Unfortunately she passed away in 2007, her long time partner Laura Chapman donated it to the W. Frank Steely Library at Norther Kentucky University. She also has another one of her designs at University of Cincinnati which is called the Triceracopter. 
The Stegowagen has the most beautiful pearlescent Cadillac gray pain. It is so pretty. Also some of Patricia's ashes are placed inside the car.
This is truly a neat piece of art that you should check out. It is so pretty and big. 
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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Evil Snowman SFX loook

I did a Evil Snowman look for a photo shoot that I was doing for Doug Wolf Photography. This was a blast to do.
To make the mask I used a face cast of my own face and a lot of liquid latex, cotton balls, tissues, and cotton rounds. I let that dry for about 2 days and then used baby powder and a big fluffy brush to remove it from the face cast. 
For the makeup look, I applied the prosthetic using pros aide. I used Mehron face paint to paint it white and the black color to do my eyes and mouth. I also set all the face paint with eye shadow and loose powder. 
The nose is made from a build a snowman kit I bought at the Christmas Tree store. I just cut it down and used latex to apply it to my nose. 
I also used this product that is expandable snow that you mix with water and it turns into snow. I used it for areas of my face as well as my nose. 
The hat, scarf, and pipe where also in that kit that I bought at the Christmas Tree store. 
I loved doing this look, it was so much fun to do and a big plus was it had snowed where I live the night before so it was perfect for a snowman photo shoot.
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