Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Nun Transformation

I did a transformation look for the new movie The Nun. I have to say this was a easy look to do all but the nose. I was going to use a witch nose prosthetic but that did not look much like her nose in the movie, so I just made a nose out of no bake clay. 
I had so much fun doing this look and scaring people while we were doing the photoshoot for it.
My wonderful photographer was Doug Wolf as always I will link all of his pages at the end of this post. 
My yellow contacts are from https://www.youknowit.com/
My costume is from https://www.halloweencostumes.com/
My cross is from https://www.halloweenexpress.com/
All my makeup is by https://www.mehron.com/
Doug's links:  Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/dougkwolf400/
Webpage:   https://dougedoug40.wixsite.com/dougkwolfphotography

All photos are copyrighted of Doug and can not be used without his permission.
If you have done a Nun transformation look please send a pic I would love to see it :)

The Wicked Witches Tree Louisville, Kentucky

I have heard and read about the Haunted Witch Tree in Louisville, Ky for awhile and have always wanted to check it out myself. I finally decided to take a road trip to Louisville, Ky and see this tree for myself. I actually went there twice, once I took my parents and the 2nd time Doug and myself went. Let me just say this is one creepy strange looking tree. I loved the history about this tree. If you don't know the history of it here is a little about it. The history is taken from different articles that I have read and researched about the tree. 
In 1890 Louisville had one of the most devastating tornado in American history, the named it "The Storm Demon" 
The tornado destroyed business, churches and took over a 100 lives. But locals said the storm was caused by witches. The reason they say the witches caused the storm is because the city wanted to cut the tree down and the witches said if they did they would pay for it. They did not listen and cut the tree down. Eleven months to the day the witches brewed a storm and as the storm tore through the town a bolt of lighting hit the stump and sprouted the strange looking tree that stands today.  
When you visit the tree you are suppose to leave behind gifts so the witches will leave you alone. I am not sure if that is true or not but I was not taken any chances and left a couple of gifts both times I visited. 
This is really a neat tree to see, I have never seen one that is shaped like this one. It looks like sometime out of a scary book. 
I am so glad I took the time to go and see it. I love strange and unique things and this has to be one of the strangest trees I have seen.
I did some research online and I found what seems like a spell that the witches put on Louisville about the tree.

This tree shall stand and not be cut,
We’ve fed her with our laughter.
Our leafy haven you’ll not gut.
Or pay forever after.
But if you, Wooden King, prevail,
And Mother Maple dies,
The force of Fate shall strike this town
And right between the eyes.
If our tree falls, yes, Fate will call
To teach you, heartless Dunce,
That all man’s work can disappear.
 The tree is located at on the corner of Sixth and Park.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself and can not be used without our permission. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

E.P. Tom Sawyer park Haunted??

We did 2 ghost investigation at E.P. Tom Sawyer park. One was in the cave called Sauerkraut cave on August 13,2017 and the 2nd time was at the cemetery in the park on August 20,2017. I have to say this cave was creepy as hell and I love creepy stuff. This park use to be Lakeland Asylum for the insane, it was also called Central Kentucky Lunatic Asylum.The cave was used for storage as well as other things that might need to be hidden from others. It was said if a woman became pregnant while at the asylum they would be brought to the cave while in labor or they were brought here to have an abortion. They did not have a nursery at the asylum so there is no records of births. It is also said that woman would be admitted to the asylum not pregnant but would some how end up pregnant but would never been seem with a baby.
Like I said this cave is very creepy and you never know who or what you will run into and that goes for the living as well as the dead. I would not recommend anyone to try and go all the way through this cave as in certain places you have to go into the water, or crawl through mud and go where snakes are. Towards the back of the cave, the ceiling lowers and the tunnel tapers back into absolute blackness. Also DO NOT go alone and that should apply to all places you investigate. To find the cave itself is a challenge as you have to go way back into the woods. The cemetery is also a challenge to find and where you have to start at to get to the cemetery is posted KEEP OUT. We did have permission to go to both the cemetery and the cave. There is around 500 bodies buried at the cemetery and it is impossible to see where they are buried as most all of the tombstones or grave makers are gone, either they were stolen or washed away.

On our ovilus we picked up a lot of names, we got the names Stephen, Kathryn, Chole, Mason, Peggy, Alexander, and one time it said Debra fell down. Makes me wonder if these are names of people that either worked at the Asylum and where not very nice to the patients or if they were patients. We also got the word Dog and in one of the videos we picked up what looks to be a dog. One time we got "Not Resting", some of the other words we got were Kill, Sacrifice, Kicking, It also said step and I stepped into a hole. In one of the photos we picked up what looks like a baby. At the cemetery when we were leaving we got on the ovilus "QUITTER 2 times. Doug said that if anyone came back here and was caught they could just say they got lost going to the cave when he said that our oviluis said "YOU CANT DO THAT". All in all this was a good investigation and we collected a lot of good evidence. If you would like to hear the EVP we recorded visit or paranormal page http://dougedoug400.wixsite.com/kentuckyspiritchaser
Check out our Facebook haunted group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures to see all the videos we took while here
   Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself and can not be used without or permission.